You have successfully enrolled in the Wilderness Travel Course.

Our website is a valuable resource for information about the course.  You can like us on Facebook (where we post a number of hiking tips) and find links to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Meetup.  The WTC newsletter can be viewed or downloaded from the site as well.

You need to be in good physical condition to enjoy WTC. The Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club offers many suitable hikes and we encourage you to participate.  Look for “O” Level Hikes or Conditioning Hikes on the Angeles Chapter’s website.

If you have any questions concerning your enrollment please contact the WTC Registrar by email at: WTC Registrar or by mail at:

WTC Registrar
P.O. Box 531009
Los Angeles, CA 90053-1009

We appreciate your support and we’re looking forward to you joining us.

Withdrawal From The Course: Students who withdraw from WTC are entitled to:

  • (1) a full refund (less a $50.00 service charge) 21 days before Lecture 1 in your Area;
  • (2) a 50% refund after full refund date and before end of Lecture 1 in your Area.
  • No refunds made after the end of Lecture 1.

Refunds for the required textbook or compass made only if you’ve not received the book or compass.

Note: All refunds will be made via PayPal when possible.