Welcome to Sierra Club
Wilderness Travel Course

Presented by the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
Wilderness Training Committee

Celebrating over 30 years of WTC and over 100 years of Angeles Chapter Outings

Know how to be safe and comfortable in the backcountry.
Learn to feel at home with rock scrambling, wilderness navigation, and snow travel.
Acquire skills in planning, preparation, equipment, and wilderness medicine to take you safely into the back country.
Explore the outdoors in all seasons, beyond roads and trails, with new friends.

You Can Expect

  • Challenge and Adventure to realize your potential to reach new heights.
  • Experience the freedom of the wilderness.
  • Leave the trail and the crowds behind.
  • Backpack with confidence.
  • Learn to travel, eat and sleep comfortably in any climate.
  • Invest your recreation money wisely.
  • Share fun times and make new friends.

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